Arithmetic Village

Once upon a time, a human had an impulse to create something, something new, something different. She wrote and wrote and wrote then sketched and sketched and finally, it was finished- A whimsical introduction to the foundations of Arithmetic.

An entire Village was created with castles, treasures, and characters who gently introduced magical concepts, simply and joyfully.

Arithmetic Village is comprised of five introductory short stories (which introduce addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and place value), 100 activity pages to complement the books, how-to videos on YouTube, and lots of blog posts throughout the years to help you on your journey. The materials work best a math manipulative kit- a treasure chest (which can be individually decorated) filled with 10 sacks that hold 10 jewels each.

If you would like to read the books, here is the link to the books on Issuu.

You can purchase the set of books on Amazon if you’d like a hard (soft) copy to read with your learner.

Arithmetic Village, Polly Plus, Linus Minus, Tina Times, King David Divide

Through Amazon, each book costs around $10 US plus shipping. If you would like to order them directly from me, I can get a set to you through a printer in the USA (Lightning Source in Tennessee) for $40 us (plus shipping).

For a less expensive option, you can email a request for easy-to-assemble downloadable books. I will also add the 3 downloadable activity books with over 100 activities! (I am currently requesting a donation of $25 for this resource.)

Simply send a note to and ask for the downloadable books and activity set. Your learning journey can start right away

Big blessings, Kimberly